If only they had Twitter when these Phillies moments happened

If only they had Twitter when these Phillies moments happened
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Twitter is at its best when something out of the ordinary happens. Whether it’s something really, really exciting or something on the complete opposite end of the spectrum, the social media tool tends to bring out some interesting and creative responses to events that unfold in sports.

Take Tim Tebow signing with the New York Mets. A Heisman-winning quarterback is now in the Mets farm system. That’s certainly not a common thing, which is why Twitter has been buzzing ever since word broke of the deal.

On the heels of that, what have been — or would’ve been — three of the most tweetable moments in Phillies history?

Mitch Williams serves up Joe Carter

What makes something go viral on Twitter? An image that literally says 1,000 words.

The 1993 World Series will long live in Phillies allure. The details are excruciating for Phillies fans, none more so than the Joe Carter death blow.

The shot of Mitch Williams walking off the mound, head down, with Carter leaping in the air behind him would have been an instant hit on Twitter in 1993. Just think about the fun Twitter users would have had with that post?

Williams would be photoshopped everywhere. That shot would have been the new “Wanna get away” image.

Rowand meets the wall

If captivating images are the secret, there may not be any Phillies moment more meme-worthy than Aaron Rowand’s unbelievable catch.

In 2006, the same year Twitter was founded, Rowand broke several facial bones diving for a ball at the wall against the New York Mets.

It was an extraordinary catch, but what makes this play so memorable is the images stuck in the minds of the sports fan. Whether it’s of Rowand all taped up with a black eye in his postgame interview or the actual shot of his nose catching the fence.

The GIF of this play still finds its way around Twitter today, but imagine what it would have been like had that wild play happened today?

J.D. Drew

Anything involving J.D. Drew is a sore subject for Phillies fans. He’s most commonly known as the guy fans tossed batteries at. That in itself would have gone viral on social media.

Yet, it’s the player himself that would been something to see on Twitter. Drew was drafted No. 2 by the Phillies in 1997, but agent Scott Boras and the Phillies were almost $8 million off in contract talks. A loophole was discovered, which led to Drew playing in an independent league that season before joining the St. Louis Cardinals the following season for only $7 million.

What would the reaction be on Twitter if the Phillies’ top pick just said, “Give me my money or I’m walking?” That would have been a recipe for mass rage.

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