Kathleen Kane dumps campaign funds into Porngate defense

Charles Mostoller

Pennsylvania Attorney General Kathleen Kane remains in office despite a tumultuous Porngate scandal, criminal charges, and calls for her resignation.

Now, the fight to defend herself is costing her a pretty penny.

The Kathleen Kane for Pennsylvania campaign war chestspent $327,000 in 2015 — about $300,000 of which went to her white shoe attorneys, PennLive.com reported.

Former lawyer to mafia boss John Gotti, Gerald Shargel’sNew Yorkfirm Winston & Strawn, is representing Kane in the criminal case and reportedly received $150,000.

Lanny Davis, former special special counsel to President Bill Clinton, reportedly got $130,059 for “crisis communications” services. He was Kane’s media representative in the wake of the charges.

Scranton attorney Amil Minora reportedly got $19,228 to assist Shargel.

Meanwhile, Kane didn’t raise any money in 2015, according to the Inquirer.

Approximately $246,000 remains in her campaign fund. She spent $4 million winning her 2012 race for office.

Kane recently asked a special prosecutor, Douglas Gansler, former Attorney General of Maryland, to review all state emails in the quest to find everything connected with the so-called Porngate scandal.Meanwhile, attorneys in her own office have questioned the legality of her decision to appoint Gansler.

In the meantime, the House Judiciary Committee will soon take up questions of whether they can begin impeachment proceedings against Kane.

Kane’strial on charges of leaking grand jury information to the press to embarrass her political enemies is scheduled for August.

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