Kathryn Knott asks judge to reconsider sentence: Reports

Kathryn Knott asks judge to reconsider sentence: Reports
Charles Mostoller

A week after being sentenced to five to 10 months in prison for her participation in a Center City gay bashing, Kathryn Knott is requesting the judge to reconsider her punishment.

Knott was convicted of simple assault and reckless endangerment after taking part in the attack of a gay couple in September 2014 in Center City.

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On Feb. 8 a judge sentenced the 25-year-old to serve time in prison and also two years of probation, according the Philly Voice. She was also hit with a $2,000 fine and order to attend anger management classes.

However, a week later Knott’s attorney Bill Brennan, who replaced former defense attorney Louis Busico, filed a motion for reconsideration on Wednesday, the Philly Voice reported.

According to Brennan, Knott “has learned a lot in the 18 months,” the Philly Voice said, and her sentencing should be more rehabilitative and used to try to heal the wounds caused by the assault.

“In this case, the individual has a clean background, no prior contact with the justice system, and is serving prison time for a mid-level misdemeanor,” Brennan said according to Philadelphia Gay News.

During the attack, Knott was part of a group with Phillip Williams and Kevin Harrigan. The three attacked a gay couple after meeting them near 13th and Chancellor streets. One of the victims suffered a broken orbital bone and broken jaw, which was wired shut for weeks.

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Williams and Harrigan pleaded guilty to assault under a negotiated plea deal.

The two men received no jail time and were banned from Center City. Williams was hit with five years of probation and 200 hours of community service at a gay, lesbian and transgender organization. Harrigan got three years of probation and community service.