Kun-Yang Lin/Dancers are debuting a world premiere routine this weekend during their spring showcase

Kun-Yang Lin/Dancers

The city of Philadelphia is a mecca for diverse culture and artistic talent: from acting and singing to art shows and dancing, Philly has it all. But the City of Brotherly Love offers so much more than just an entertaining arts scene — it offers a gateway to spiritual journeys, personal epiphanies and incredible showcases of the human spirit. One gateway that embodies all of that and more leads to the internationally active Kun-Yang Lin/Dancers (KYL/D). KYL/D is one of the country’s only Asian-American contemporary dance companies, and through inspiration from Eastern philosophies along with contemporary dance, this critically acclaimed group has mixed the past with the present in a simply beautiful way. KYL/D will be showcasing some of their past works and unveiling a world premiere work this weekend at the Annenberg Center.

The Kun-Yang Lin/Dancers are known for their spiritual and unique talents. Artistic Director Lin’s zen-inspired routines are unlike anything you have ever seen before. Every year, the Taiwan native creates new routines. Every single one is different, intricate and pleasing to the spirit. Lin draws from strong spiritual underpinning in both Eastern and Western cultures; the results are dance routines that are direct, fluid, colorful, tranquil, thought-provoking and massively entertaining.

This weekend the talented Kun-Yang Lin/Dancers will be performing six different works: the 2019 version of 2002’s “CHI,” 1993’s “Moon,” 2000’s “The Land,” 2016’s “Dreamscape,” 2016’s “Interlude-Seed” and the world premiere of “Spring 101,”

“CHI” is an incredible group piece that embodies the ancient art forms of tai chi and calligraphy. “Moon” is extremely powerful, with exciting solo and group choreography. “The Land” goes deep by using dance to showcase the struggles and enduring strength of the Tibetan people. “Dreamscape” offers an ethereal experience and “Interlude-Seed” highlights the extreme talent this young group of dancers truly possesses.

Kun-Yang Lin/Dancers

The world premiere of “Spring 101” is the finale to this wildly exciting show. According to the release, “Spring 101” breathes new life into Baroque music through a pairing of contemporary movement and sound design. Evoking the joy of spring and the excitement of new beginnings, “Spring 101” marks Lin’s 101st choreographic work in his creative journey.

The routines performed by KYL/D are not just for entertainment, they truly do take audience members on a ride to another world altogether. Lin’s study in tai chi, martial arts, chi gong, calligraphy, meditation and Chinese opera movement tie the show up like an impressive present. The outcome proves to be a true gift to anyone who has the pleasure of watching.

The show features spirituality in a highly physical way. Each movement speaks a beautiful language that you already understand, and every dancer embodies another beautiful layer of the human spirit. If you are looking to be moved, awed and altogether stunned, head to the Annenberg Center this weekend to experience the Kun-Yang Lin/Dancers.