Man admits to killing girlfriend’s cat during violent ‘blackout’

Man admits to killing girlfriend’s cat during violent ‘blackout’
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A Bethlehem man has admitted in court to killing girlfriend’s cat in a violent episode.

Scott Deater, 24, told police he killed the 1-year-old black cat because it scratched him, Lehigh Valley Live reported, adding that he claimed he threw the cat in a tub full of water before throwing the animal against the walls of his girlfriend’s home in Freemansburg.

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Police arrived in the early hours on July 7 and found the cat dead; it was wet with a bone protruding from its leg and blood splashed on the walls, the Lehigh Valley Live report added.

Defense attorney Chris Spadoni said Deater “blacked out” when he attacked and killed the cat, and he maintains that Deater has anger management issues, CBS reported.

Sentencing has been postponed to allow time for Deater’s girlfriend, Adriana Marques, and a representative from the Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals to contribute statements, Lehigh Valley Live added.

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Deater will be sentenced on Jan. 8, according to CBS.

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