Most American word? Cheesesteak, of course

Most American word? Cheesesteak, of course
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UPDATE 12 p.m. Nov. 13:

The cheesesteak has sky-rocketed to 3,792 upvote!

However it’s fallen lower on the thread for some bizarre reason. Meawhile, arch-nemesis contestant “Alabama” is even closer within reach — hovering at 4,081 upvotes.

If you haven’t voted yet, check the thread — not just for Philadelphia, but for the cheesesteak.

Original story:

The geniuses over at Reddit have proven how incredibly smart they are by lending their upvotes to the most venerable institution ever to emerge from the City of Brotherly Love.

Not the Liberty Bell, not the Declaration of Independence, but the honorable Philadelphia cheesteak sandwich.

“Cheesesteak” has currently gotten over 3,600 upvotes in a thread asking “What is the most American-sounding word?” on AskReddit and many replies of enthusiastic support.

However, there is competition from people voting for the word “Alabama.”

It’s on its way to edging out cheesesteak from the top slot in the thread and actually currently has more upvotes — a startling (and mistaken) 3,900.

For that reason, everyone should get to AskReddit now and put their weight behind the cheesesteak to keep it in rightful place — #1.