NBA rumors: Lou Williams a perfect fit for Sixers, trade

NBA rumors: Lou Williams a perfect fit for Sixers, trade
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The NBA trade deadline is just two weeks away and the Sixers are in the midst of a playoff race. If they want to climb the ladder and ascend to a top four or five seed in the East (they are currently eighth), they’ll need one of two things. A healthy and productive Markelle Fultz or a smart trade deadline move.

The former, getting some production from first overall pick Fultz, seems less likely than the latter as the 19-year-old has yet to return after playing four games to start the season — then sitting out with an apparent shoulder injury.

Deemed physically healthy, there is a hitch in his jumpshot that just won’t go away, creating one of the stragest NBA mysteries in quite a while.

In the meantime, the Sixers need a veteran wing player. With the L.A. Clippers on the outside looking in among Western Conference playoff hopefuls, the time might be here for the Clippers to start rebuilding. DeAndre Jordan is one of the most rumored players in the league but Philly has no need for a starting center. They do need a shooter.

Lou Williams is arguably the hottest player in the NBA right now, averaging 23.5 points per game (he had 40 points against the Grizzlies just last week). He is a former Sixer and no doubt has a soft spot for the city, and is also being paid an affordable $7 million this year — pro-rated it would barely blip the Sixers cap space.

Though he will be a free agent next year, at 31-years-old, his age works in the Sixers favor. They would have the inside track at resigning him next summer and at an affordable rate as he reaches the outside edge of his prime.

Williams would be a perfect fit in Philly and the time is right for the team to make a move to provide some insurance against Fultz.