Philadelphia native Aristotle Polites talks about his experience on MTV’s Lindsay Lohan’s Beach Club

Aristotle Polites

You may recognize Philadelphia native Aristotle Polites from MTV’s new hit show Lindsay Lohan’s Beach Club as one of the brand ambassadors that work at her popular club in Mykonos. Aristotle may be known as the shy and sweet member out of the bunch, but he has certainly taken on a “say yes to anything” approach to life which has cemented him as one of the breakout stars of the show. Aristotle chatted with Metro about what it was like to work for Lindsay Lohan, how he got over being shy by going on television and what there is to expect from the rest of this season. 

Philadelphia native Aristotle Polites talks about his experience on MTV’s Lindsay Lohan’s Beach Club

Working for Lindsay Lohan doesn’t just happen overnight; although the Los Angeles based bartender has been approached by a few reality shows after moving from the East Coast, there was something different about this opportunity. “I’m in the service industry already, and the show being in Greece really stood out to me.” 

After landing the job there wasn’t much time to prepare, but in Hollywood, promptly leaving for a job opportunity is as common as riding the bus. 

“They told me I had three days to get ready and fly out, but [my job] had a lot of people that were actors, writers, directors- all people that worked in the creative industry so they were used to people leaving for an extended period of time.” 

Many of the brand ambassadors that work at the luxury beach club are quite outgoing and vocal, whereas Aristotle takes on a more laid back approach. In fact, it seems that Aristotle Polites is the exact opposite of the rest of his housemates, “I am shy, I’m very much an observer at first when I meet people and when I’m in groups of people. It gives me a moment to understand people. I usually try and meet people where they are at, if that makes sense.” 

Aristotle Polites

It makes sense to viewers, Aristotle is by far one of the most popular cast members on the show. But being on TV isn’t exactly easy breezy.  

“Being on a television show- they do film you for a majority of your life. If you wake up and you’re tired or hungover, or you’re having an off day and you don’t want to deal with people- you really are obligated too. You really don’t have complete alone time.”

Alone time is hard with a house full of rowdy brand ambassadors, the castmembers rarely get a moment on their own, and as any normal household situation goes there are some personalities that clash. “It was easy at first, it was interesting to see how everybody acted and behaved and the dynamics. I would say later on it got more and more annoying. If you’re with them all the time the little things, they do start to build up.” 

However, it seemed that working at a club in another country proved to be the biggest challenge of all. “It’s a brand new environment, we were throw in and didn’t really have training. There was a language barrier between us and the other employees there and between us and the guests there. A lot of them didn’t speak English or knew minimal English. The language barrier actually prohibited us from doing a lot of what we wanted to do.” 

Regardless of all the challenges, when asked if he would do it all over again the Philly native was game, “absolutely.” 

Aristotle Polites couldn’t give too much away regarding the rest of the season, but he did disclose that it certainly is juicy. “I can’t really go into detail but I will say that tensions are building up because we are getting more comfortable with each other. There’s definitely some more drama to be seen in these upcoming weeks.” 

Lindsay Lohan’s Beach Club airs on MTV at 10 pm on Monday nights. 

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