Philadelphia Police search for suspect in sledgehammer attack road rage video

Philadelphia sledgehammer road rage attack

Philadelphia Police have posted a violent video online of a man attacking another with a sledgehammer. The road rage video footage was captured via CCTV in an office building parking lot of the 2700 block of Luzerne Street in Port Richmond, Philadelphia this past Tuesday. The incident appears to have taken place around 1:30 in the afternoon.

Philly Police are looking to identify both the suspect and the victims of the road rage attack. In the video, a small silver SVU and red truck can be seen pulling into a parking lot. An unknown male gets out of the red truck wielding a sledgehammer. He begins smashing in the driver side window of the SVU. The driver tries to make a get away while the passenger of the vehicle falls out of the car.

The unknown assailant in the truck then hits the limping passenger in the left upper arm with the sledgehammer before making his way back to the waiting SVU. The injured passenger gets into the SVU while the suspect smashes the back window of the vehicle with the sledgehammer before they drive off. The man then gets back into his truck with the sledgehammer and leaves in an unknown direction.

The CCTV video does not appear to show a clear shot of either vehicle’s license plates. Philly Police have posted the video in hopes that anyone from the public will come forward to identify any of the involved parties.

“We definitely want to let them know that we’re here and if you want to come forward let us know what happened and we’ll try to identify who did it,” Captain Sekou Kinebrew, Philadelphia Police Department, said.

Residents and employees that work near where the incident took place are shaken.

“It’s insane. It’s really insane. No one is safe,” Eddie Thaxton, who works across the street, told CBS Local News.

“Society today is spiraling out of control and these are some of the results,” resident George Gaynor stated.

Philadelphia Police say the man is dangerous and should not be confronted. They are asking the public to provide them with any information by calling 215-686-TIPS

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