Philly Fitness Week offers the city way more than just ways to sweat

Lumos Yoga & Barre Indoors is one of many studios participating in Philly Fitness Week.
Gabriela Barrantes Photography

It’s time to get physical, Philly.

For the first time ever, workout gurus and those who are just looking to get their sweat on can participate in the maiden voyage of Philly Fitness Week. Started by the Philadelphia Fitness Coalition (a collective of Philadelphia-based fitness studios), everyone at every workout level can participate in the array of offerings the new event has to show from June 10 to 20.

“Philly Fitness Week is kind of like Restaurant Week, with less butter and more sweat,” says Janine Perez, Philadelphia Fitness Coalition leader and co-owner of CKO Kickboxing. “Philly’s best boutique studios have come together to offer discounted drop-in rates or other small entry-level packages, giving Philadelphians a chance to get moving again and experience all that this amazing fitness scene has to offer.”

CKO Kickboxing.Provided

The Fitness Coalition—which is made up of 30+ local businesses—made the event possible after vaccination rates were up and restrictions began to ease. The group was created during the pandemic as a way to bring together the city’s boutique fitness studios during quarantine and beyond.

“At a time when things were so uncertain, we decided to focus on what we could control and did everything we could to stay in the fight with Philadelphia, keeping our respective communities active safely in whatever way we could,” continues Perez. “We worked together, lobbying the city to support us so we could continue in that endeavor. Now that the city is opening up again, vaccination rates are rising, [and] the Philadelphia Fitness Coalition is collaborating once again on the first-ever Philly Fitness Week.”

So what can be expected? On top of the sweating, those who plan on working out can look for deals. As Perez described, this specialty event mirrors the structure of Restaurant Weeks in that patrons choose where they want to go—and there are many options. Philly loves its food scene, and now the City of Brotherly Love is really going to go full force into the workout scene through this new event… and there are many benefits.

“There really is no time like the present to focus on our physical fitness, wellness, mental health [and] building up immunity,” says Perez. “After all that we’ve learned through this pandemic, how focusing on our health contributes to warding off chronic disease and illness, we must continue to focus and prioritize ourselves in this way. Also, PFW can be considered an ode to small businesses, almost along the lines of the Shop Small movement during the holidays. It’s a triumphant story for us in the PFC that we are still operating in Philadelphia. Sadly, some gyms in Philly closed their doors permanently. And so now we are now encouraging Philadelphians to support local, small businesses as we get and stay well together.”

According to a release, participating studios will offer approximately 25 percent off single classes or small packages for a wide variety of workouts. Plus, everyone who signs up to receive emails about this year’s deals is entered into a drawing to win a free one-month membership at a participating studio of the winner’s choice. Participants can support local small businesses and book directly with one of the fitness studios offering high-intensity interval training, yoga, spin, pilates, bootcamp and more.

Focus Yago & Barre. Provided

Participating Studios in Philly Fitness Week include: Active Mom Fitness, Balance Chestnut Hill, BPM Fitness, CKO Kickboxing, Fit Academy, Focus Barre & Yoga, Lumos Yoga & Barre, Omm Yoga Studio, Open Box Athletics, Ripped PHL, The Wall Fitness, Tula Yoga, Unite Fitness and We/Fit City Fitness.

Gavin McKay, another health-centered small business owner, sees a huge potential for this week, even if it’s just helping to ignite some motivation for Philadelphians. As the founder of Unite Fitness, McKay uses his resources to head the Philadelphia Fitness Coalition (PFC) and to now bring the city this all-new event.

“Philadelphians have been forced to motivate themselves and work out in less than ideal home or outdoor conditions for 15 months now – not to mention the hospitality and service industries have been decimated by the pandemic,” explains Mckay. “With restrictions finally lifting, it’s the ideal time to jumpstart Philadelphians back into fitness routines, feel the group workout energy again and also patronize the local fitness businesses that are still struggling to get back to profitability.”

It’s not just for those who are regulars as well. This is an opportunity for anyone to either get started on their fitness journey or to pick up where they left off. It’s not just the muscles that need some time to work out the stresses of the past year and a half, it’s also our minds.

“All fitness levels are welcome to participate. There is no experience required. The beauty of PFW is there is literally something for everyone,” explains Perez. “After being isolated for so long, it’s a beautiful thing to safely experience community once again. People should jump on the opportunity to get a taste of all Philly’s fitness scene has to offer at a discounted rate. It’s a smorgasbord of wellness, where people can explore what jumps out at them or something new that they’ve always wanted to try.”

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“We all walk past or hear about businesses that interest us, but sometimes we need a little extra push or incentive to actually go try them out,” adds McKay. “Philly Fitness Week is that extra energy to go find a workout and community that motivates you to get in the best shape possible.”

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