Philly joins sad tradition of gross fast food employees with viral Checkers video

Philly joins sad tradition of gross fast food employees with viral Checkers

First it was the guy with the Mohawk taking a bubble bath in a Burger King sink in Ohio. Then it was the girls in a tub at a KFC in northern California.

Now, a Checkers fast food burger shop in the West Oak Lane section of North Philadelphia has continued the tradition of fast food employees posting images and videos of themselves doing incredibly inappropriate things when customers aren’t looking, and getting in huge trouble for it.

Local comedian and rapper Richard Benson (aka PGriffin_215 akaKing Phantom) recentlyposted a 45-minute Facebook Live video in which he describes unsanitary conditions at Checkers. These include employeesspittingon food and blowing their noses into hamburger buns, andemployees having sex with customers.

“These bitches at my job, they f—–g,” he says in the video, filmed as customers can be heard placing orders in the background on a Saturday night. “This is a Backpage reunion. Come get a Buford, a BJ, and a blueberry slushie.”

The video went viral and several workers were fired. Benson then came forward to say all the gross claims were a joke–just a bunch of coworkers trying to liven up a Saturday night on the job.

“Yea I said a lot of foul s–t but I never did nothing to nobody food, I changed gloves and wash my hands off camera like 15 times, if you watch the whole vid all I’m doing is talking s–t but I never actually did nothing!” he posted on his Facebook page. “What I did was called A PUBLICITY STUNT!”

Indeed, in the video, Benson can be seen making orders for customers without any signs of wrongdoing, but he interrupts his work to make some pretty filthy comments about his coworkers and the Checkers in general.

“|t was a very dumb decision, I do apologize to all, but my intentions were marketingso I said dumb s–t to make people watch and it went viral for the wrong reasons, I lost my job, my family, and can possibly lose my freedom!” he wrote.

Benson didn’t respond to requests for comment Tuesday, but in an interview with NBC10,which also features some of his rapping, he apologized for getting his coworkers fired.

“We had a lot of African American workers in there and now a lot of people don’t have jobs because of me and I feel bad because it was a joke, just a joke, it just went wrong,” he said.

Management closed the Checkers where Benson worked after the video went viral, but plan to reopen the restaurant on Thursday.

“The restaurant will be fully sanitized and re-inspected before it opens and all of the team members will be fully retrained,” Chekers said in a news release.

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