Philly police officer injured in collision with bakery truck

A police officer responding to an assault call was injured when her car was hit by a bakery truck early Tuesday morning.

While on her way to help investigate an assault reported near the corner of South and Third streets, the officer’s cruiser was struck near the intersection of South and 11thstreets, Fox29 reported.

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“This just appears to be an intersection accident. The police officer, who is assigned to the Third District, was en route to a foot pursuit just about seven blocks away,” Police Chief Inspector Scott Small was quoted by CBS3. “She did have her lights and sirens activated when she went through the intersection.”

The officer, 45, was bleeding from her mouth and felt pain on her left side, Fox29 added. She was taken to the hospital, where she was able to walk and talk.

The bakery truck’s driver was not injured, Fox29 stated. Who was at fault in the crash remained unclear.

“Our real-time crime cameras are located at the intersection, and we’re told they did record the accident,” Small was quoted by CBS3.

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The initial assault report led to the arrest of one person suspected of punching two people on South Street, CBS3 added.