The Phillies turn the page to 2015

The Phillies turn the page to 2015

Now that the World Series is over, it’s time for 30 teams to look ahead to 2015. What can Phillies fans expect or hope from a franchise that has suffered through three forgettable and frustrating seasons?


Sure, it’ll be costly to ink the next big name to defect from Cuba to a deal but the Phillies are lacking when it comes to young, productive power bats on the farm. Tomas, who will turn 24 before the season commences, will have no shortage of suitors. But the Phillies have the cash to sign a guy with 30 homer, 100 RBI potential without giving up anything but filthy lucre.

“He could be as good as any of the guys who have come out of Cuba,” an NL scout said. “But he can also be a bust, It’s a risk but a pretty good one. I think he could make it here.”

As far as international signings go, for everyYasielPuig, there’s aHidekiIrabubut the Phillies need for a potent outfield bat is huge. With the Phillies spending so much time scouting Tomas, don’t be surprised if the Phillies take a seven-year chance on Tomas.

Don’t trade ColeHamels

​The buzz is that the Phillies ace will be dealt for prospects. The odds of it happening aren’t great. It would take a massive haul to persuade the Phillies to deal Hamels, who has a limited no-trade clause. Organizations tend to hold on to precious prospects now more than ever. One blue-chipper and some marginal prospects should not be enough for Hamels, who is coming into his own. Hamels is also signed for reasonable dollars considering his elite status.

Chew on this. How many of those prospects for Roy Halladay, Cliff Lee and CC Sabathia panned out.? The only way to deal Hamels is if they’’re blown away like the Texas Rangers were by Atlanta when the Braves traded Elvis Andrus, Neftali Feliz, Matt Harrison and Jarrod Saltalamacchia for Mark Teixeria.

The odds are that Hamels will be wearing red pinstripes when the Phillies kick off the season against the Red Sox in April at Citizens Bank Park.

Trade Jonathan Papelbon

​The Phillies dynamic young bullpen doesn’t need an aging, crotch grabbing troublemaker. Giles is ready to close and dealing Papelbon will be addition by subtraction in the clubhouse.

Would Detroit bite if the Phillies eat a chunk of salary after the Tigers bullpen failed them again during the playoffs since Papelbon had a solid season?

Don’t tradeDomonic Brown

You don’t sell low and that’s what you would be doing with Brown. Try to find a decent change of scenery candidate or locate a hitting/fielding whisperer.

“Brown has so much raw ability,” a NL scout said. “It’s a shame that he hasn’t put it all together. We’ll see if he ever does,

Acquire a solid utility infielder to spell Chase Utley and Jimmy Rollins

Everyone is pointing fingers at Utley’s post All-Star game numbers but who would have thought that the oft-injured second baseman would start 155 games?Amaroneeds to pick up a super utility guyRyneSandberg trusts so Utley doesn’t wear out. His strong start proves that there is something left in the tank. Sandberg just can’t lean on him like he has but who can blame him when the alternatives are FreddyGalvisand Cesar Hernandez?