Poo from a plane ruins girls’ party: report

Poo from a plane ruins girls’ party: report
Fox 29/ Screenshot

This one gives new meaning to the phrase ‘party pooper.’

A local girl’s Sweet 16 party was ruined after feces — apparently from an airplane — fell from the sky Sunday in Levittown, Bucks County,according to FOX 29.

Out of nowhere, from the sky, comes a bunch of feces, lands on her,” Joe Cambray, father of birthday girl Jacinda,told FOX 29.

The fecal bomb landed on a canopy that Joe had bought to protect the party from rain. Luckily (I guess?) the cake had already been moved inside.

The station reports that Joe’s sister used a smartphone app to figure out that five planes were in the area at the time of the plop.

It’s not clear that the waste actuallycame from a plane, but there are periodic reports of so-called blue ice.

This 2012 Explainer from Slate says that planes usually store sewage in tanks, to be suctioned by ground crews. But occasionally, those tanks leak.

The folks at the blog Gizmodo note that people sometimes mistake bird poo for number two from a plane, but those mistakes typically happen in the fall, when birds are migrating.