#SEPTApocalypse is real, and nobody’s happy

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By now, you’ve heard or experienced first-hand the hell that SEPTA’s going through after discovering structural flawsin its Regional Rail cars, and subsequently putting a moratorium on one-third of its fleet.

That equates to a near 13,000-seat deficit. SEPTA will operate on itsmodified Saturday schedule starting Monday and running through, well, the foreseeable future. Extra lines on the Market Frankford and Broad Street lines will hopefully offset overcrowding, but for the Regional Rail’s 132,000 average daily riders, that won’t be much help.

So what happens when you combine rush-hour commuters in Philly with a perennially disappointing transit service? Hilarious tweets, of course.

Some didn’t hold back, using #SEPTApocalypse (and numerous expletives) to convey just how dramatic the situation has become:

Including one guy who drew on pop culture to instill fear in the hearts of fellow riders:

Perhaps #SEPTAgeddon is more your speed (not to be confused with the hit 1998 film with Billy Bob Thorton and Bruce Willis):

And there’s always at least one Tin Foil Hatter…

But most people are just really angry.

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