Signs of spring

Signs of spring

A city shackled under the oppression of snow, ice and bitter cold threw off its chains and united under a banner of cold coffee, short sleeves, and extended lunches in local parks.

In other words, Wednesday was beautiful, and there’s only eight days until spring.

“Is there a Rita’s open?” asked Department of Human Services Social Worker Sharon Floyd, who was getting ready to eat lunch outside Wednesday afternoon. “If Rita’s was open, I’d be there.”

There are, in fact, several Rita’s open, and doing brisk business selling water ice. (This reporter didn’t know it until after he met Floyd.) The one in Suburban Station had a deep line, despite being cash only.

Iced coffees were also visible around the city.

“It’s like a heatwave compared to what we just had,” said Casey Head, a senior at Franklin Learning Center, who spent a part of the afternoon in Love Park with an iced coffee.

Not everyone was pleased.

“It could be warmer,” said Brenton Walker, a Temple senior who, in his winter jacket braved the 61-degree weather to sketch buildings for a class.

Get the nice weather while you can. Skip work, because while spring is coming, it isn’t quite here yet.  

The National Weather Service says forecasts increasing cloud coverage Friday, with rain beginning Saturday and into Sunday.