Sixers one-year deal free agent targets

Sixers one-year deal free agent targets

NBA free agency is less than 24 hours away, and as always, the rumors and reports are slowly trickling out the day before.

The latest story surrounding the Sixers is that they are most likely going to only be allocating one-year contracts to their free agent signings, per ESPN’s Zach Lowe. According to the report, the Sixers have told agents “they will seek one-year deals this summer to preserve future space.”

This latest nugget comes with mixed emotions. The idea of signing someone like J.J. Reddick probably goes out the window since he’s probably going to seek a bigger payout and length. The same goes for all of the high-end prizes, the Gordon Haywards of the world.

What does that mean for the Sixers?

Here’s a look at who they could possibly bring in on one-year deals:

SF/PF Danilo Gallinari
The 6-foot-10 forward would be a good fit for the Sixers. Gallinari averaged over 18 a game last year and put up 19 points per night the year before. He can be a stretch four, which would be an ideal fit alongside Joel Embiid and the likely up-tempo play. Reports suggest he’ll be looking for something in the $20 million-$25 million range. That’s a big price, but would the Sixers overpaying him for one year be enough to sway him?

PF Ersan Ilyasova
A familiar face, Ilyasova was well-received in the Sixers locker room last year and performed well on the court with an average of 14.8 points per game in 53 games. He and Dario Saric got pretty close last year as Ilyasova took him under his wing, and you have to think the Sixers appreciated that leadership. For a young team, someone like Ilyasova, who also fits the need for a stretch four, is a good option to have either in your starting lineup or off the bench.

PG Patty Mills
Some believe Mills could cash in this summer, upwards of $14 million per season. That may be a bit steep for a team like the Sixers, who are already set with Markelle Fultz, Ben Simmons and Jerryd Bayless in the backcourt. That being said, the Australian (and San Antonio) connection between Brett Brown and Mills could come into play if Mills doesn’t get that big pay day off the bat. Mills averaged 9.5 points and 3.5 assists per game.

SG Ben McLemore
A lottery pick who just never panned out, McLemore may have to wait a bit to sign. He likely won’t get the contract he desires as he averaged just 9.4 points per game in his career. He’d be a nice piece coming off the bench for the Sixers, but he’ll likely hold out in hopes of getting a starting spot somewhere, possibly in Brooklyn. The Sixers, though, could overpay for him on a one-year deal, allowing him to prove himself in hopes of a bigger payout next summer.

PF Serge Ibaka
He’s a rim-protector who can also play in an up-tempo system. He improved last season shootingwise, even adding some touch from behind the arc, sinking a career-best 124 3-pointers. The Sixers value defense, so you have to think someone like Ibaka will be of interest. He likely will be looking for $20 million-plus. 

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