Someone keeps stealing cabs in Philly

Someone keeps stealing cabs in Philly

Philadelphia police are hunting for a suspect who appears to be trying to take a bite out of the Philly cab industry that rivasl Uber’s.

Ten taxicabs have been stolen from West and Southwest Philadelphia, between June 7 and June 16 in West and Southwest Philadelphia.

Investigators say the man seen in this surveillance video might be involved in the thefts.

All of the cabs bear the logo”215 Get A Cab” — which is the app that many cab companies in Philadelphia use — but they are independently owned, said Lt. John Walker of Southwest Detectives.

Investigators believe the suspect may have a key that works in Ford Crown Victorias made between 2007 and 2009. He can be seen using a key in the surveillance video.

Walker said there’s no indication that the suspect is picking up passengers in the cab, but they have been used in crimes.

One was used in an armed robbery on June 15. One of the cabs was used in a shooting that left one man wounded near 41st and Ogden streets on June 9.

Anyone with information is asked to call Southwest Detectives.