The horrific media fat shaming of poor Sprinkles the cat must stop!

The fat shaming of Sprinkles must stop.

If you’ve not met the fatabulous Sprinkles, let me introduce her: She is the 33-pound tabby who was rescued from a foreclosed-up New Jersey.

As if her housing situation wasn’t enough stress, the media started placing undue emphasis on her appearance.

From : “Meet Sprinkles, the neglected N.J. fat cat that is the equal of a 600-pound person.”

From : “We were thinking she probably would like a Big Mac, chicken nuggets.”

The Press of Atlantic City : “Sprinkles gives new meaning to the term ‘fat cat.’”

From : “Obscenely Overweight” Sprinkles “is so large that she can’t even clean herself or roll over.”

The Daily News : “We couldn’t lift her.”

Well, enough is enough.

The media and feminist groups went bonkers when Fox newsman Chris Wallace fat shamed singer Kelly Clarkson.

“Kelly Clarkson’s got a lovely voice. She could stay off the deep-dish pizza for a while,” he said.

Kelly was able to stand up for herself but who will stand up for Sprinkles?

I will.

I bet dollars to donuts that most of Sprinkles’ detractors have dogs — or skinny cats.

The folks at the non-profit S.O.S. Sea Isle City Cats shelter didn’t help things with their overly descriptive characterization of the young girl.

“Whatever position she’s in, she’s stuck. She can barely move,” Stacy Jones Olandt, a shelter volunteer told the Press.

And the ultimate slap: She felt the need to reveal that Lady Sprinkles required a dog crate for transport.

What an insult.

And there’s more.

“The veterinarian said if she loses the weight he’ll throw in a tummy-tuck,” Olandt said.

Now they got Sprinkles getting plastic surgery.

Sprinkles, 4, if you must know, is now on a diet — the plan is to drop about a pound a month. Not that it is anyone’s business.

She also has some real difficult issues to get past: fleas, mites, and an infection.

Most of all, she needs a loving home. Not fat shaming.

The shelter can be reached at (609) 972-5887.

John A. Oswald is Metro.US Editor-at-large. Follow him on Twitter – @nyc_oz.