The Short Answer: Who Should I Vote For?

The Short Answer: Loves Second Chances

There’s a lot of reporting on the 2015 mayoral race. Some of it is good, even admirable, but most of it is very long, and you know…. that’s not what we do here at Metro.

Welcome to the final edition of The Short Answer. (Cue music. The Final Countdown)

Each week, we’ve asked the mayoral candidate a question. Some dealt with personality, others policy. We gave them 50 words to answer, and yes, we do chopped them down if we had to.

Our final question: Why should I vote for you?

“Philadelphia is evolving and our leadership must evolve too. The other candidates have held office for 25 years – and how has that worked out? I have more executive experience than all the others and the independence to make the right decisions. If we want different, we must do different.” Doug Oliver

I’ve spent my career working to move every community forward, whether it was expanding domestic partner rights in the 1990s or fighting to decriminalize marijuana and end racially biased arrests in 2014. As mayor, I’ll continue that fight by creating universal pre-k, ending stop-and-frisk, and funding quality neighborhood schools.” Jim Kenney

“The choice in this election is very clear. We can either move our city forward or we can go backwards to a time when machine politicians and union bosses ran the city. I want to move us forward: stronger schools, a more modern police force, and better jobs.” Tony Williams

“Because fixing our schools is the top priority of the next mayor, and I have a real plan to accomplish that mission and the executive experience to get the job done. I’ll never stop fighting for you.” Nelson Diaz

“Philadelphia deserves a trusted, experienced, and passionate leader who will make the education of all our children the top priority. Under my leadership, we will simplify our tax structure, repair the silent crisis of our pension debt, and assure that our workforce is prepared for the jobs of the future.” Lynne Abraham

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