Top Choice Home Care opens second location

Jennifer Lydon

Top Choice Home Care is a premier health care agency in the state that typically offers an array of non-medical personal care services to senior citizens and disabled persons, all provided by a trained group of caregivers. Normally, Top Choice’s day-to-day services rely on personal contact, and for their employees and clients, that contact is typically something they look forward to daily. Top Choice has had to alter how they service their clients, but with over seven years of experience, the main priority of the organization is still providing quality service, even through times of uncertainty.

Most recently, the organization has opened its second location at Alleghany Avenue and Metro spoke with Maria Morales, Top Choice Home Care’s Client Service Coordinator to get more info.

Jennifer Lydon

What’s your role at Top Choice Home Care?

I am the Client Service Coordinator, the person who will start all the paperwork in starting new services or someone who has services and wants to transfer to our agency. I help them also on getting any supplies that they will need for their services, like a walker, wheelchair, cane, chairlift and life alert and many more.

Why did you become involved with the organization?
I have always liked to help others. I like to make people happy and make them smile and to let them know no matter what happens that we are here, and at Top Choice that’s the help we give to our client’s. We let them know that we are always here for them. Ever since I started at Top Choice, I knew this was the job for me.

What can you tell me about the new Grand Opening?
Right now, we have a new location at Allegheny Ave. As part of our Grand Opening we gave out toilet treat bags, food bags and also book bags with supplies for the kids. We also provided all the information participants will need to join our agency or give to a loved one who might need the care also. We are looking forward to being part of the community and making the first step easier for those needing home care services.

How has this whole experience been during the pandemic?
It was not easy, we had to adjust to a new transition with working now from home, but at the same time, we learned a lot of new things—not only us, but our client’s also. We learned how to use zoom for all our daily routines, home visits, meetings, training and Bingo events and we show our clients as well, which also was all new to them. Even though we were in this pandemic, we always had in place the protocol of always letting our caregivers and client’s [know] what to do when they were feeling sick, especially during flu season. It was not easy, but together as a team, we were able to provide the services our client needed but in a different and new way.

Jennifer Lydon

What else do you want people to know about Top Choice Home Care?
Here at Top Choice we provide the best care to all our clients. They are not only our client, they are part of our family. We want to make sure that they are happy, and that they know that we will help them through their new transition in receiving the care that now they will need. Also, its not just providing home care services but also having fun while providing those services. [That means], we take our clients on events, we now have virtual bingo which due to the pandemic we cannot have at our location, we also do lunches at different restaurants, trips to casinos, the beach and one of our popular ones [is] a cruise on the Spirit of Philadelphia, which we call Prom Day .We want our client’s to know that we are here to help and listen especially through this pandemic, but together we will beat this and move on to happier days.

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