W Philadelphia’s Away Spa offers treatments and a bright experience

AWAY Spa W Philadelphia
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When the W Hotel opened this year, Philadelphians and visitors alike spent time admiring the decor, checking out the culinary offerings and, of course, posting up in the pool. But the latter also comes with an experience that most haven’t been able to indulge in yet, and it’s truly an oasis in the middle of a bustling cityscape.

At first glance, the W’s Away Spa is a breath of fresh air for your eyes — it’s bright, it’s light and it offers a welcoming experience right away. Almost in contrast with the dark and sensual hues of the lobby and the rest of the hotel, Away offers a speck of individuality and a whole lot of relaxation in an otherwise elegant and busy premises.

When you walk in, you’re greeted by an array of treatments: There are manicure and pedicure stations, the latter with grand curtains tucked around them for a bit more privacy and shelves filled with products there for anything you might be looking for in the health department. However, your first taste of the spa comes in the form of a juice, or elixir if you prefer. It’s a wellness shot specifically concocted by the spa (you can ask the receptionist what’s in it for curiosity or health purposes) and for no cost you can take the tasty shot to kick off your wellness journey there.

From then on, it’s up to you what you want to experience at Away. This spa offers an array of normal services along with some customizable packages and add-ons that will make your stay here unique. Treatments range from body scrubs and wraps, facials, hair and scalp treatments, lip treatments, manicures/pedicures, massages and men’s services.

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A few prime examples of the add-ons include their eye recovery, glow peel and gua sha for facials; belly serum, melt and scalp treatment for massages; quench, detox or sculpt for your body; and much, much more. The price list ranges from anywhere from $165-$235 for massages, detoxes and facials and around $20-$150 for add-ons. Mani-pedis on the other hand range from $30-$105 depending on what you’re getting with add-ons costing around $10.

Another add-on comes in the form of a wet deck with a heated pool, which is free when you purchase a spa treatment. The W’s pool located on the 7th floor offers a gorgeous view of the city and it’s open all year long. It’s perhaps one of the largest draws for the W by guests, and it’s clear to see why — there’s nothing really quite like it in Philly. Access to the pool is easy; it’s right down the hall from the spa and you’re welcome to use it before or after your treatment. There’s also a bar with plenty of drinks and food options as well as cabanas that are available to reserve if you’re really trying to treat yourself.

AWAY Spa Chill LoungeW Philadelphia

However, what might be a perfect cap to your day or night of self care is the Hotel’s swanky new Italian hotspot located on the first floor, Dolce. The restaurant’s goal is to capture the timeless spirit of Fellini’s 1960’s Rome, or bring ‘la dolce vita’ to life with its “effortless charm and approachable sophistication.” Executive Chef White’s menu boasts items for breakfast, lunch and dinner pairing both seasonal ingredients with authentic menu items along the way. As a release states, breakfast highlights include the lemon ricotta pancakes, and a savory croissant and egg white frittata paired with a bold cappuccino or latte; for lunch, the startufata pizza, risotto al frutti di mare and eggplant parmigiana are among the favorites. Then in the evening, signature plates like veal milanese, whole branzino and veal ossobucco tortelli headline the menu. There’s a more casual component to the new upscale eatery as well, the bar (which is visible from the street) features espresso and coffee service by-day and specialty Italian-inspired aperitifs, cocktails and digestifs by night.

To learn more about the Away Spa, Dolce and The W Philadelphia (1439 Chestnut St.), visit marriott.com