What went wrong for the Eagles

Eagles must improve in red zone
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It was a frustrating game for Eagles fans to watch, as the Eagles squandered several opportunities and made several avoidable errors in their24-20 loss to the Cardinals Sunday. Here are the three things that went wrong that top the list.

1.The big play

The Eagles defense was bend-but-not-break for much of the game, and stifled several Cardinals drives. But when they needed to step up most, particularly with Arizona facing a third down with 90 seconds left, they gave up a 75-yard touchdown. And that wasn’t even the biggest play. The defense also gave up an 80-yard strike to Larry Fitzgerald


Eagles fans (and pundits) need to stop waiting for NickFolesto solidify himself as an elite quarterback. Maybe he is what he is. And what he is, is a quarterback who sometimes holds the ball too long and turns the ball over, (he had two costly picks Sunday) but who can sometimes create a big play.

3.Red zone offense

There is really no excuse for the Eagles’ futility in the red zone. Their issues inside the 20, and at the goal line ultimately cost the Birds their sixth win. In two key red zone chances toward the end of the game the Eagles failed each times, at the one and 16yard lines.

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