Where can you find the largest percentage of never-married adults?

Where can you find the largest percentage of never-married adults?
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Philadelphia might rightly claim title to the bachelor and bachelorette capital of the nation.

The percentage of Philly adults who have never tied the knot is the highest among the countries 10 largest cities, according to a study published by The Pew Charitable Trusts.

Nearly 52 percent of the adult residents of Philadelphia reported in 2015 that they have never been married, the study states. That represents a sharp increase from the 43 percent who reported in 2005 that they had never been married.

Of the 10 most populous cities surveyed, Chicago had the second-largest percentage of never-married adults with 49.7 percent. Los Angeles was third with 46.6 percent.

The study used data from the U.S. Census Bureau.

In each of the 10 cities, the percentage of never-married adults as higher for men than women, the Pew researchers found.

The percentages of never-married adults increased in all of the cities over the decade examined by the researchers, the study states.

The Pew researchers also looked at the percentage of never-married adults in the context of cities with high rates of low-income individuals.

“Although Philadelphia’s percentage of adults who never married stands out among the most populous cities, it is very much in keeping with those of other high-poverty cities,” the study states.

Among the 10 cities in the nation with the highest poverty rates with populations of at least 350,000 residents, Philadelphia’s share of never-married adults ranked fourth, behind Detroit, Baltimore and Milwaukee.

“Social scientists have long noted that marriage rates vary according to income, with lower-income adults less likely to be married than those with higher incomes,” the study states.

Percentage of never-married adults in 10 most populous U.S. Cities, 2015:

  • Philadelphia —51.5
  • Chicago —49.7
  • Los Angeles —46.6
  • New York City —44.2
  • Houston —41.2
  • San Diego —40.8
  • Dallas —40.4
  • Phoenix —39.8
  • San Antonio, Texas —38.4
  • San Jose, California —34.6