Woman seeks mystery couple in Rittenhouse engagement photo

Most women have a “rule” about their marriage proposal.

Some want to make sure their nails are manicured for the inevitable Instagram ring picture, others love the big to-do, like synchronized dance numbers at Walt Disney World. Some want family and friends to witness, others like it low-key.

Butthese brides-to-be can agree on one thing: They want a photo commemorating the big moment.

One woman happened to do just that. While walking through Rittenhouse Square Sunday night around 8 p.m., Claire Gibson snapped a photo of a couple who had just gotten engaged among the park’s twinkling trees and string-light decorated gazebo.

Gibson posted the photo on Facebook in the hopes of finding the couple or anyone who might know them. She wrote on her post that she wanted to offer the happy couple the photo, but “didn’t want to ruin the mood by bursting in on them all creepy.”

So instead, she let the world know she is looking for them.

Do you know this couple? Let Gibson know on her Facebook post or reach out to us by email at [email protected].