Where to weather Sandy with a beer in Philly

Although not officially “essential personnel,” restaurant workers are an important part of helping a neighborhood make it through a storm. Are we saying bartenders should risk their lives for you bored lushes? Absolutely not. But here’s a sampling of where, for now, you can grab a table if you promise to tip very well and be an adult about your umbrella:

Old City

We’d like to see a storm that could close the Khyber’s infamously weathered doors. They’re open all day and are even pouring limited-edition Rum Cask Oak Aged Beer. Fellow Old City survivor The Continental is doing lunch and dinner today — because if 2002 didn’t close this baby, clearly nothing can.

Fishtown/Northern Liberties

Official Fishtown storm center Johnny Brenda’s called it last night: They’re staying open all day to avoid riots on Girard Ave. After a Facebook poll, Interstate Draft House decided to open with local staff — although they nixed the outdoor seating. North Third is opening at 4 p.m. as usual, and Bar Ferdinand appears to be sticking it out for half-price wine night (every Monday, friends!). Note: Standard Tap, although usually down to ride the storm, called it quits for this one.

Center City

As McGillin’s Twitter states, the Center City bar “survived the Civil War, Prohibition and Hurricane Irene. Bring it on, Sandy!” Fittingly, they’ll be serving $3 Hurricanes. Both locations of Federal Donuts are open until 2 p.m.; also shutting things down at 2 p.m. is Tria Rittenhouse (other locations are calling it an early snow day). On the Starr front, Parc, El Vez and the Dandelion remain open, but keep an eye on these — some earlier Facebook backlash led to the restaurant group closing other locations.

Know of any others? Leave them in the comments, people!