While you were sleeping…

While you were sleeping…
REUTERS/Antonio Parrinello

Good morning.

Before you left home this morning, more migrant shipwreck survivors arrived on shore.

A Chicago couple got time after putting their murder victim in a suitcase, while a Nazi accountant faced trial for inspecting victims’ suitcases before they were murdered.

Baltimore cops were suspended for a police van death, while AC/DC’s ex-drummer admitted to death threats.

The migrant shipwreck captain was arrested

Italian authorities arrested the captain of the ship that sank off Libya this week with more than 900 migrants on board. Europe plans to double the size of rescue missions in the Mediterranean Sea. At least 10,000 have been rescued in the last few days, after trying to reach the continent.

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Bali’s suitcase murder pair were sentenced

A Chicago teenager and her boyfriend, who killed her mom then stuffed her body into a suitcase at a St. Regis resort on the holiday island of Bali, were sentenced for the “sadistic” murder.

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Freddie Gray cop suspects were suspended

Gray was arrested for sprinting away from white Baltimore cops who then bundled him into a van where he got spinal injuries so serious that he died a week later. Baltimore police are trying to work out what happened in the van.

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A death camp accountant went on trial

Oskar Groening, 93, stands accused of being party to the death of 300,000 in Nazi concentration camps in Poland. He was the guy who went through deportees’ suitcases to check for valuables which were sent to fund the Nazi campaign.

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AC/DC’s NZ drummer admitted to ‘Dirty Deeds’

Rock and Roll Damnation? Drummer Phil Rudd ‘fessed up to threatening to kill someone, as well as to possessing drugs. Apparently the long-term Live Wire was furious about the flop of his solo album launch.

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