Yes! Uber and PSPCA bringing puppies to Philly offices Thursday

Yes! Uber and PSPCA bringing puppies to Philly offices Thursday

Want to cheer up your coworkers? Show themsome unadulterated puppy love.

The Pennsylvania SPCA, in partnership with Uber, will once again be bringing adorable puppies to offices around Philadelphia this week to hopefully find homes for the dogs and provide stress relief for overworked employees.

For $30, your company can get 15 minutes of “pawsome playtime” with the pups at offices in Philly, Conshohocken, Cherry Hill and King of Prussia. All fees will go directly toward the PSPCA, which is 100 percent donor-funded.

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Here’s how Thursday’s event works:

1. Open the Uberapp between 11 a.m. to 3 p.m. on Thursday, May 19.

2. Request the PUPPIES option.Puppies can only be delivered to offices, no private residences.

3. Once the puppies arrive, you get15 minutes of puppy love. The PSPCA says to: “Make sure to have an enclosed space ready for puppy playtime and make sure no other animals are in the area.”

4. In love yet?All puppies are eligible for adoption at the PSPCA Erie Avenue location from 3-7 p.m. that day.

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“All you need to do is open the app, hit request and get ready for a doggone good time,” said Jon Feldman, Uber Pennsylvania’s general manager, in a statement.”We expect demand to be high, so if you don’t get a pup right away, please sit patiently and keep barking. “

Uber and the PSPCA previously brought puppies to offices inAugust 2015—leading to11 puppies being adopted and $1,500 being raised for the PSPCA. A similar event with kittens in October 2015resulted in 21 adopted kittens and raised $4,000, the PSPCA said.

“The best part of these partnership days is bringing moments of joy to animal lovers throughout the city, and ultimately finding homes for the puppies,” PSPCA CEO Jerry Buckley said in a statement. “This day often extends into increased adoptions for all of our animals — kittens, adult cats, puppies, and adult dogs — a wonderful side effect of Uber’s reach.”

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