‘Tebowing’ pretzel welcomes new backup QB

‘Tebowing’ pretzel welcomes new backup QB
Provided/ Philly Pretzel Factory

The Philly Pretzel Factory is getting a nice little marketing bump from the Eagles new 5th string quarterback.

Some guy named Tebow. Maybe you’ve heard of him?

The pretzel company is selling pretzels formed to look like Tim Tebow in his iconic “kneeling prayer” pose. Lots of people call this Tebowing. They cost $1.

Philly Pretzel Factory Marketing Director Adam Terranova said that a franchisee had developed the pretzel in Georgia couple of years ago, but it never took off because there wasn’t much of a Tebow connection to that state.

But PPF’s CEO remembered the pretzel as word spread of the …. Tebretzel. That sent the company’s R & D folks into the lab. They thought they had a good copy and were ready to unveil it.

But they were beaten to the punch b fans on twitter unearthed photos of the…Pretzbow.

If you want to buy a Tebowing pretzel, they are only available at PPF’s Mayfair store.

Pretzels to remind us of prayer, however, are not a new thing. The shape of a traditional soft pretzel — not the figure-8 Philly kind — are twisted to remind the faithful of crossed arms. In olden times, people crossed their arms over their chest during prayer instead of clasping their hands .