NJ town to arm residents with air horns to combat aggressive turkeys

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Authorities in Teaneck, New Jersey, have announced a plan to distribute 20 air horns to residents in an effort to drive away wild turkeys.

Teaneck officials said they have gotten about a dozen complaints about aggressive turkeys attacking residents, pecking at cars and holding up traffic, according to an Associated Press article reported by NBC10.

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Only state authorities are allowed to touch the birds, but loud noises can be used by anyone to scare away the animals, The Record stated in a related report.

“Hopefully this will help a lot,” Amy Schweitzer of the Department of Environmental Protection was quoted by The Record. She also said aggressive behavior related to the birds tends to decrease in the summer and that cardboard window decorations can help keep the birds from attacking windows.

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“We have to coexist as best as possible,” animal control officer Vincent Ascolese was quoted by The Record, which added that he would give the 20 air horns to a health officer to distribute to the public.