South Jersey prosecutor doxxed by hackers in revenge for man’s in-custody death

South Jersey prosecutor doxxed by hackers in revenge for man’s in-custody

As threatened, hackers have released personal information pertaining to a prosecutor in South Jersey who is overseeing an investigation into the death of a man in police custody.

Lulzsaints, a group of hackers who identify themselves part of Anonymous, doxxed Cumberland County prosecutor Jennifer Webb-McRae on Wednesday night – releasing what is presented as her home address, phone number, links to her public online profiles and names of family members.

No one answered at the number listed.

The release of information is a response to the March 31 death of 32-year-old Phillip White as he was being brought to a hospital by Vineland, NJ police.

Officers arrested White for disorderly conduct and say he struggled with them, trying to steal one’s gun.

But cell phone video was released by NBC10 showing the officers allowing a K-9 to bite White while he lies prone on the street. Video released by ABC shows the officer also punch White.

Webb-McRae’s office is currently investigating White’s death.

Lulzsaints claimed to release the personal information of the officers in the video on Tuesday.

In their video they called the police’s treatment of White “grotesque” and threatened to release personal information of more police officers “for every hour” the officers involved are not suspended.

A lawyer representing the two officers identified by Lulzsaints claimed Wednesday that White died from an overdose of PCP and cocaine.

The Cumberland County Sheriff’s Office took its website down Tuesday in response to the online threats, the South Jersey Times reported.


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