Stunt cyclist comes dangerously close to SEPTA bus: Video

Stunt cyclist comes dangerously close to SEPTA bus: Video

A clearly insane person is raising eyebrows – and tempers – on Reddit today, after someone posted a .gif from showing a stunt cyclist coming within inches of a SEPTA bus, all while performing a wheelie down the middle of a Philadelphia street.

It’s not clear when the video was taken, but users place the location of the stunt somewhere near 10th and Snyder streets.

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It’s not an unusual stunt — the YouTube channel cyclesquad88, to list one example, has earned over 1.7 million views with videos like this — but the video caught the ire of Reddit users Tuesday.

“The kid in the gif isn’t a cyclist,” the aptly named sensible_human commented on Reddit. “That is not how you bike for recreation, fitness, or transportation. He’s just a hooligan.”

“We were so close to furthering human evolution,” batbanks wrote. “Science lost this day, friends.”

SEPTA spokeswoman Carla Showell-Lee said that her team had not seen the video, but stressed that safety education was a major initiative for the authority this year.

“It’s a constant challenge for SEPTA when you have pedestrians, bicyclists, and automobiles uniting — so to speak,” she wrote in an email to Metro.

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