Watch Philly woman drive with her feet while she texts

In a newly uploaded cellphone video that is spreading on social media, one Schuylkill Expressway motorist was apparently caught steering with her feet as she needed both hands to text.

The distracted driver’s behavior was so reckless that Sarah and Shawn Delong felt they needed to record it, 6ABC reported. Sarah Delong captured the video from the passenger seat of their car.

Warning: The below video contains explicit language. Viewer discretion is advised.

PLEASE SHARE ….. LICENSE PLATE JZE-7829 Pennsylvania… This woman drove with her left foot and both hands (and eyes) on her phone while she was driving …the entire time we were near her, which was a good 20 minutes…. Even on I-76 … When someone gets killed because your too busy on your phone to drive like a responsible adult, I have video evidence and your license plate… Also to all of the negative critics of this video: its not fake, its disturbing. My husband was driving and I was recording from the passenger seat, and we did get her plate and it was reported. Hope that clears things up. #lowermerion #lowermarionpolice #pastatepolice #6abcACTION #nbc10 #fox29news #distracteddriving #itcanwait #youreanidiot #textinganddriving #philadelphia #Pennsylvania #bitch #baddriving #poorlifechoices #follow #videooftheday #alllivesmatter #angry #roadrage #putdownthephone #pokemongo #texting #textneck #womandrivingwithfoot #surekillexpressway #goodmorningamerica #Schuylkillexpressway #belmontave

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“Someone is going to get killed, that’s why I was so mad. You see people on their phones all the time, but that took the cake,” Mrs. Delong said to 6ABC.

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The Delongs did get the woman’s license plate number and reported it to state police, according to 6ABC. So far, authorities have not been back in touch with her.

“At one point we beeped at her, and I yelled ‘get off your phone!’ And she looked and smirked at me and went right back to doing whatever it was on her phone,” Mrs. Delong said to 6ABC.

This, remarkably, was not the only driving-with-feet-while-texting video uploaded and reported recently. A man believed to be in Puning, China, was the subject of some very similar footage apparently showing him driving with his feet as he used his cellphone, the UK’sMirrorreported.

“The man in the video has violated the traffic laws and the case is being investigated,” a police spokesman in Puning was quoted by the Mirror.

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